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Paragus Group

Paragus offers real estate development, construction and property management services primarily in central Indiana.  We were formed in 1988 in Indianapolis and continue to be privately owned by two of our founders.  The other two founders have retired.


Our mission is to provide responsive services in the development, construction and property management of real estate in order to enable each property to attain its maximum value and to be a source of pride to our owners, clients, employees and to the community.

*** Announcement ***

On April 3, 2023, Mike Mance and Gary Ritz, on behalf of Paragus Construction

Company Inc., made this announcement about the future of Paragus in muli-

family housing:

In the immediate future, we will be working together with Paragus Multi Family

LLC on our construction jobs. Paragus Multi Family LLC is a newly formed entity

owned by Andy Freiburger and JR Freiburger. We have known and worked with

the Freiburger family, and their commercial construction companies, since the

late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Andy and JR have formed Paragus Multi Family LLC

to specialize in the construction of multi-family housing. Eventually all Paragus

construction work will transition to Paragus Multi Family LLC.

Mike and Gary, with two others (now retired) formed Paragus Construction

Company Inc. in 1989, a general contracting company specializing in multi-family

housing. We are excited to provide for the continuation of the Paragus name,

culture and core values with Andy, JR, and Paragus Multi Family LLC.

Andy and JR also own JRF Construction, a commercial general contracting company in

Westfield, IN. JRF Construction was formed in 1999 as a successor company to

Dart Corporation Inc., a general contracting company formed in 1971 by David J.

Freiburger, Andy’s father, and JR’s uncle.

Link to JRF Construction:

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